Diving the Aliwal Reef

fb-images19 June 2016

Diving the Aliwal Reef:

Simon Thomé, “Rocking the Aliwal Shoal” — with Jason Lee Boswell, Maggie Joanna Nel and Adrian Smit at Aliwal Shoal, Umkomaas, South Africa.

In June, John’s son Simon, a PADI recreational diver and  SSI (Scuba Schools International) trained  technical diver,  visited the Aliwal Shoal – a rocky reef which is the remains of an ancient sand dune approximately five kilometres off the coast of Scottburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

This scuba-diving trip was organised by Simon’s dive buddy and accomplished dive-instructor, Adrian Smit of Scubalicious, to experience this famous dive site.

Operating through ScubaXcursion at Cutty Sark in Scottburgh, the group undertook six dive on the Aliwal Shoal: incorporating Raggie’s Cave, Howard’s Castle, The Cathedral and Tiger Ledge.

Ragged Tooth Shark Photo: discoverlife.org

Lots of Ragged Tooth sharks were seen on four dives.. and a Dusky Shark on decent on one of the dives.

A very special deep dive of 33 meters was accomplished on the little known Mzimayi Wall, on which Whale calls were heard throughout the entire dive.


Dolphins were seen on the following dive. Also spotted were Eagle Rays and Honeycomb Moray Eels.

Visibility throughout the excursion was 30 meters and currents were usually strong.

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